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A Steady Job

2017 / 15 minutes / ( documentary )

Production: NGTim I Zero Production

Support: Films Center of Serbia



Belgrade Documentary Film Festival,

Miona film fest ,

Film festival in Nis

Serbian Film Center

Serbian Film Center


Directed by: Igor M. Toholj

Producer: Gradimir Nikolić

Director of photography: Bojan Petrović, Keba

Art director: Bojan Ranđelović

Sound:  Marija Kovačina


Sinopsis: The forest is still until the first tree falls. And then the same again, ensues soon after. This film is fraught with anthropological pessimism – regardless of whatever we are doing; tree trunks still stand bluntly before us as if we had never existed before in our human form on earth, naturally, of no consequence to the order of things.

The question that arises is whether we had ever truly been here, or whether our existence is just a particle of time framed at first by a cradle and then with a coffin when we reach the end of our road?

In the meantime, the only constant of our existence is the holy trinity produce-consume-discard and people seem to find themselves in it in the belief that they will be able to trick nature’s indifference.


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