In the house with the dead

2014/ 30 minutes / Drama ( short documentary )

Production: NGTeam, Medijski istraživački centar and PetarPan018

Producer: Gradimir Nikolić

Festivals / awards:
KFJ Film Festival 2015 -
AWARD / recognition "Embroidery", which is awarded to the best-rated films by the choice of the audience
Film Festival in Slovakia
Tuzla Film Festival
East silver
BFDKF, Belgrade / Serbia

Film encounters in Nis, accompanying events

Broadcasting on TV stations: B92info, TVZonaplus, TV film club

Sinopsis: He shares his dreams with the dead. Bratislav Stojkovic from Nis, with the power of a chance, found his home in a grave. Bratislav Stojkovic spends his nights in a grave at a long-abandoned municipal cemetery in Nis, a town in the south of Serbia, with a thin pink blanket wrapped around his shoulders and three damaged metal trunks to make him a real company.

He is not afraid of the dead, their souls are where they should be, either in hell or in paradise, while their bones now do not bother anyone. His grave is a shelter from rain, snow, human cold ... He draws, writes, listens about the lives of others on the old transistor ... when he has batteries. As a homeless person, he spends days searching for food in containers and among the left food of Nis restaurants. He tries to survive selling in a flea market what others have rejected.

He tells stories of his childhood, education, broken family and his own broken marriage ... In front of his ruined house where his father was killed, he looks at the past stoically. Deep-locked emotions are difficult to break through the rough exterior while asking for answers to the question of how it happened to live into the grave. He talks about his mother who found her happiness in a new family. And in the hopelessness of the present, he manages to find consolation. And he hopes for a little grayer future, which still wonders his thoughts.

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