Black Dawn

2008/ 70 minutes / historical

Production: NGTeam

Producer: Gradimir Nikolić

Actors: Marija Arsic, Dragan Nikolic, Milica Milsa, Ivan Vuckovic, Igor Damjanovic, Petar Kralj (narrator), Dejan Cicmilovic. Zdravo Maletic, Mladen Milic, Nebojsa Milosavljevic ...

Premiere: Radovanjski lug, Velika Plana and Film encounters Nis

Displaying in the cinemas of Serbia: Velika Plana, Belgrade, Pozarevac, Zajecar, Mladenovac ...

Film encounters in Nis.

Broadcasting on TV stations: RTS1, RTV5, TV Banja Luka, TV film club

Directed by: Bojan Todorovic and Bojan Randjelovic

Synopsis: The film "BLACK DAWN" in a striking way, with a layered play-documentary story, depicts Serbia in the first half of the 19th century, when a new state was created in blood through crucifixion.

Documentary-historical facts are represented in the feature and narrative variant.The narrative part of the script chronologically follows the historical events from the fall of the Smederevo fortress to the execution of Vozd Karadjordje (1805 - 1817). The feature part of the script relies on history as much as the lecture, but also on the existing drama and stage works dedicated to the life and execution of Black. The feature track of the scenes will be displayed in a "retro" manner, that is, using the logic of "accomplished act", since everything related to the murder of the Vozd is already known and countless times interpreted. The storyteller conversation is an attempt to familiarize the event with "moving" it from its usual level, thereby shifting the viewer's expectations line and its perception of this event. This unanimity in the narrative will undoubtedly add to the public's attention, and the project itself will be promoted as new and valuable in a series of the similar ones dedicated to the life and the tragic end of Vozd Karadjordje.

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