The battle of Cegar

2006 / 54 minutes / historical

Production: NGTeam

Producer: Gradimir Nikolić

Actors: Dejan Cicmilovic, Predrag Grbic, Aleksandar Krstic, Zdravo Maletic, Aleksandar Marinkovic, Bratislav Milic, Mladen Milic, Nebojsa Milosavljevic, Anđelina Nikolić, Ivan Vučković

Premiere: Film encounters Nis

Displaying organized projections for primary schools in Serbia: Niš, Belgrade, Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Jagodina, Leskovac, Pirot, Kragujevac ...

Broadcasting on TV stations: RTS1, RTV5, TV Banja Luka, TV film club

Directed by: Bojan Randjelovic and Bojan Todorovic

Synopsis: A feature-length documentary with sequences, made in the manner of the best documentary achievements of the BBC and Discovery channel.

The movie "The Battle of Cegar" is a unique attempt to present the historical events from the First Serbian Uprising as well as the circumstances that led to the defeat of the Serbian rebels in an attempt to liberate Niš in 1809, one of the stronger Turkish strongholds in the Balkans, from the documentary-featured approach.

Thematic, the film makes a parallel development of historical events, based predominantly on scarce chronicles and an unusual love story which is a part of the folk tradition and the local legend. Love topic tragically follows the historical destiny at Cegar, but at the same time, with the symbolic introduction of the term "horseshoe", it gives hope that the tragedy is not final. Structurally, the film is organized as a dynamic set of narrative and play-drama units, and frequent counterpoints emphasize numerous contradictions and great temptations that the Serbian people and the army resisted.

The film "The Battle of Cegar" illuminates the "catastrophe in village Kamenica" from an unusual angle, trying to avoid stereotypes and non-historical speculations, without leaving out any details of relevance to the course of the event and the outcome of the Battle of Kamenica. One of the intentions of the film is to criticize the appearance of Serbian dissension, which is the main cause of the breakdown of Serbian forces and the death of the brave people from Resava, and at the same time the general place of overall Serbian history

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